Monday, December 30, 2013

Johnny B Morbid Review - Welcome To Die!

we start of with welcome to die...very metallic punk sound compared to the older releases...its a fresh breath of funeral air for johnny b morbid

and company..sound wise it is like a horror punk version of pantera cowboys from hell era in my opinion with a mix of gwar and say some old school rancid.

next up is population zero and it reminds me of some old school hardcore with some melodic vocals its perfect murder music to me next up is delusions which is a good track to lead up to

forever...which has a video on youtube officially..... and one of the best tracks out in brings to mind just chopping up my ex girlfriend when she was playing so many games kind of

so to speak.Last day alive is a acoustic ballad done in a testament/social distortion type of track very outstanding track to take to the grave!

next up enough it reminds me of some old school die monster die/NOFX mixture great fucking track.Next up is drinking about you a love hate song comparable to some bouncing souls...this is refreshing music

to hear for me Ive been locked up for 2 years and horror and heartache is what we go through in up stokholm is metallic punk at its finest! great leads and vocals and sincerely Gabriel reminds me of some avenged sevenfold

with great solo work and drumming!next up is undefeated..sick track leading up to the fucking sick ass razor sharp style death/punk metal styling of erebus...great way to end the album! support Johnny B MorbidJohnny B Morbid - Forever Official Video

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