Monday, January 6, 2014


just got this EP From my brother in horror Robby Bloodshed...
track one With drawl...very melodic both in vocals and kind of doomy punk and sick guitars and vocals very punk and great vocals witch brings to mind old school ripsnorter and blitzkid
def will go somewhere in my opinion track 2 infatuation is the next track speedy melodic in the bloodshed style..from the way the i can tell and the feeling i get
its a song about death? anyways bad ass work some great solos here...track 3 pest is my favorite so far...i would bring to mind some early rancid meets nofx wrapped up inside a coffin....and spit out full of worms
great song right notch on the vocals and melodies Track 4 is next.. soon you'll be death don't lose your head track four lose your head(alternate version) is a great way to end the album sick horror punk fashion
with a modern touch and really top notch lyrics.....I see Robby Bloodshed going real far all instruments are all done Robby..Zagg out like a witch

-Johnny Gruesome

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