Saturday, February 8, 2014


Track one lets hear it for halloween  starts of with a great sick guitar intro this comes like a raw version of blitzkid/mixed with some great glenn danzig era misfits vocals....drums can almost go for blast beats very brutal horror and melodic punk right here Track Two out for blood reminds me of mommy can i go and kill tonight the way the energy and the phenomenal singing of Timothy Demon Pain but yet he has his own original voice to the catchy horror rock of out for blood the sharp riffing of the guitars and more great drumming...were going ..were going out for blooooooooood tonight... track three a great song the great energetic sound of this almost metallic horror punk to me....reminds me of the brutal german horror punk sound...and great solos and drumming as well.. sick singing from Timmy Demon Pain from melodic singing to brutal of my favorite new vocalists..track 4 waking the dead.. i remember waking the dead! woah oh oh oh more great lyrics i remember waking the dead with you.... very amazing song right my top 10 horror punk songs of all time last track What the hell.... what the hell reminds me of some human I.D. with a metallic edge once again and great drumming and of the new school of horror punk right here think of a brutal AFI mixed with some Die Monster Die and Danzig era Misfits ..... if you want to order the albums check out the link below

Preview Track Four Waking the Dead

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