Saturday, February 8, 2014


friom the depths of hell of lost angels we get Sepo from the sick and twisted mind of mitch me this is a soundrack to your doom....


Track one Siren ..comes through and rips your face off with sonic torment a mix of hardcore and anarchist scum/horror punk comes this intro track....Track two.. I was a teenage horror punk is my personal favorite track off the album reminds me of the energy of early mister monster and black flag blended in a blender and spit out in vomiting violence great track and should be played at your funeral.Track 3 Ohms Law.... sounds like a fuck you track to the world....this is a great track for the anarchist in you....reminds me of old school agent orange/with some venom influence as well..Track Four Hard Time.. reminds me of the angst you have when your locked up in a cell..and just want to destroy shit this is a great song to play when your losing your mind..heavy riffs,great drumming sick vocals...melodic but hardcore at the same time.Track Five do what you want to do reminds me of some murder junkies early tracks with some classic fear sound to me...this keeps the real punk rock sound alive Track Six life of sin... i live everyday like its my last...yea this is a great track to just living life a life of its our last day..great lyrics right here...fuck when i die !! sick drumming and guitars...Track Seven Old Blood ,...reminds me of old ass blood left in a mosh pit reminds me of some leftover crack here.. Track 8 Underground ... reminds me of classic garage gutter and hard....underground is how we live! last track Track 9 Goodbye Sweet Love Reminds me of a doom doo wop like classic dion and the bellmonts recorded in hell...great track to end the album.....makes you just wanna love your girl and kill her in the end....all in all a great debut ready for the new stuff...thanks for this album Mitch!


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