Saturday, February 8, 2014


i just got this from Wolfman Chuck....and its a very original and amazing from this one man monster of horror the wolfman chuck..
well from the first song this is a what in the fuck a ukelele i belive this is a jamming track its like 
some sick gg allin style song like when gg was making songs with a spoon track two Zombie Love is a sick love song about zombie love...great track for the horror lovers out there Track three  Shwo you i care has violent lyrics to a ukelele and great singing by wolfman chuck..violence against females fuck yes Track Four last felatio i belive is about having a last blowjob and i belive its a song about murdering the woman giving him head..haha great lyrics once again Track 5 sex with a salesman haha i dont know what to say but crazy the use of the ukelele and crazy singing and lyrics track 6 the stuff more great lyrics and sick songwriting by chuck track seven tonight i love you .. i hate you i kill you i slam you on the floor with this knife i ....  haha sick song about killing a lover ...tonight you die in pain sings chuck...reminds me off gg allin once again with his own style Track eight sounds like a love ballad in sick wolfman track track nine bitch is more bitch killing lyrics i want to rip your tits off and shove them down your throat haha track 10 and on im going to wrap up the review to not spoil the rest of the tracks....this is a great album by wolfman chuck...every song has thier own lyrics and feel to them....great lo fi punk style..scum fuck style be sure and pick this up! stay sick wolfman...

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